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Buyers Agent

(Your Local Sydney Property Expert)

It makes sense to get professional help with perhaps the biggest financial decision of your life.

Our mission is …
• To make a difference in your life
• To find places to call home
• To help you find your perfect dream home in your desired location
• To help you through the buying process in a seamless, easy and stress free way
• To empower buyers who have worked hard all their life … to buy their dream property at the right price.
• And to see the look of satisfaction on your face … when you buy your new home at a really good price … there’s no better feeling than that moment in time!

Is it worth the spending the money to get a Buyer’s Agent?
• According to Choice Magazine
• Average client saving is 7 to 13%
• Average time to buy 4 to 6 weeks

Why choose us?
• We know the market inside out – we have our finger on the pulse
• We often find Off-market properties that are not listed for sale
• We find your property quickly – so we can save you any further prices increases.
A 1% increase in home prices could cost you an additional $10,000
• We work for you … it’s nice to have a professional on your side
• We make rational decisions on your behalf at an emotional time
• Where with you every step of the way … we manage every aspect of the buying process on your behalf. We negotiate and provide a seamless, easy stress free buying experience
• If after you have secured your property, it might need some cosmetic work … We can help estimate renovation costs
• Our clients are happy and amazed how we find can the right property and are able to negotiate the best price

What kind of assistance do you need?
• Do you keep missing out at Auctions?
• Have you been looking for a long time without success?
• Are you frustrated by under-quoting and real estate agents?
• Are you a first home buyer who is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start?
• Are you an investor who wants to build a portfolio?
• Are you being held back due to a lack of time and a bust schedule?

Fees for our services come in two stages:
1) A small engagement fee to engage our services
2) And a completion fee payable only once we are successful in securing a suitable property for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Within 30 days of signing the agency agreement, if you are not completely satisfied with our service and we haven’t yet made a purchase for you, then we will refund your engagement fee upon your request. Simply submit your request using our standard form and we will refund your fee in full.
30-Day Money Back Satisfaction
Note: The Guarantee applies to the Full Property Search service.

With our information sources and industry contacts and our proven negotiation skills we are confident we will always buy your preferred property for the lowest possible price, almost certainly saving you money.
• We do not charge a percentage commission fee.
• By locating a property at the lowest possible price, our fee effectively pays for itself.
• We frequently save our clients far more money than the cost of our services.

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Frequently asked Questions?

Can I terminate my Agency Agreement with you?
• Yes, for the first 30 days we offer you a money back guarantee (The Guarantee applies to the Full Property Search service)
• After 30 days … Yes, you can end the Agency Agreement by giving us a written notice 7 days in advance. In these situations, a termination fee will be incurred.

How long is the agency agreement?
12 months

Is there a minimum spend on a property when using a buyer’s agent?
There is no minimum spend – we have helped buyers land everything from studio apartments to large, prestige houses. We believe everyone should have access to our help – regardless of how much they want to spend on their property.

Is there a limit on the number of properties I can see?
No, we will continue to show you options that answer the brief until we find the right one for you

Can I change my brief during the process?
Of course you can. At Frontier we’re realists and we understand that as you are shown what’s available you may decide to adjust your criteria including budget or search area. This is about the journey towards the right property for you – and we know that sometimes that road can be a little winding

What if I’ve engaged you and then I find a property myself?
Our agreement with our clients covers negotiation, carrying out the due diligence on the property and securing it – as well as the initial sourcing. Finding the property is just one part of the service we offer. So, in this instance – our fees would still apply.

Do you really have access to properties that aren’t advertised?
Yes we can access many properties that … for a number of reasons … are either quietly listed or completely hidden from the general public

Do you receive kick-backs or commissions from other parties?
• No. And we never will. We’re 100% independent – in every way.
• We believe commission payments skew the advice consultants give.
• We don’t accept commissions so our advice is only ever about what’s best for our client – no one else

Do you ever have competing clients?
No, we don’t take on clients with exactly the same property brief and budget

Why should I use a buyer’s agent?
You should consider engaging the services of a buyer’s agent or ‘advocate’ if you fall into any of the following categories:
• I lack experience in buying property
• I don’t know the local area very well
• I’m not great at negotiation
• I’ve seen what’s around and I’m looking to see if there is anything else available
• I find real estate agents difficult to deal with
• I want someone to manage the whole process for me
• I want everything kept confidential